“Chef Chi na good woman” Chioma Earns High Praise from Very Dark Man

“Chef Chi na good woman” Chioma Earns High Praise from Very Dark Man

Chioma has impressed popular social media personality Very Dark Man, who took to Instagram to praise her. In a recent post, he shared how meeting Chioma in 2022 made him realize she is a genuinely good person, urging others to meet her to understand her kindness.

Very Dark Man rarely praises celebrities online, as he often criticizes them for being dishonest. He mentioned ignoring a message from actor Junior Pope before his death, which later got deleted, highlighting his general distrust of celebrities.

Despite this, he maintains friendships with high-profile individuals like Davido and Cubana Chiefpriest. He supported Cubana Chiefpriest during his arrest for Naira mutilation and celebrated his release from EFCC custody.

Conversely, Very Dark Man has a longstanding feud with Bobrisky, celebrating his arrest and incarceration. Similarly, his conflict with Blessing CEO is well-known, as she taunted him during his own arrest by police for slanderous statements against top officials.

Very Dark Man's praise for Chioma stands out, given his typical skepticism towards celebrities, showcasing her exceptional character.

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