Nigerian Bride Shares Heartbreaking Story of How She Went Blind Just Hours Before Her Wedding

Nigerian Bride Shares Heartbreaking Story of How She Went Blind Just Hours Before Her Wedding

In a deeply emotional revelation, a Nigerian bride has shared her tragic experience of going blind just hours before her wedding. The story, which has gained widespread attention online, details how a misprescribed eye drop led to her sudden loss of vision on the eve of her big day.

In a trending video, the bride recounted her ordeal, saying, "How I lost my sight 24 hours to my wedding and got married partially blind." She explained that 36 hours before the wedding, she visited a pharmacy to get eye drops for her red eyes, caused by preparation stress. The pharmacist prescribed eye drops to be used before bedtime, but by the next morning, she woke up unable to see.

"My pupils were dilated, and my eyes started tearing as the light was too intense. My vision was completely blurred. I was taken back to the pharmacy, but the pharmacist who had given me the eye drops wasn't there. Another pharmacist was puzzled as to why I was given such a strong medication, typically used for eye surgery or examinations by an ophthalmologist."

The pharmacist who prescribed the drops was called in urgently. Realizing the severity of the situation, they arranged an immediate optometrist appointment. The optometrist informed the bride that it would take time for her sight to fully return and that there was no way her vision would be restored in time for her wedding.

Despite the devastating news, the bride proceeded with her wedding partially blind, sharing her resilience with the world. "I cried so much. The devil tried, but he failed," she concluded.

This poignant story has touched many hearts, highlighting both the bride's strength and the importance of proper medical prescriptions.

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