Cristiano Ronaldo Sparked Fire Into His Rivalry With Leo Messi, Reveals The Toughest Defender He Has Ever Face

Real Madrid and Portugal attacker, Cristiano Ronaldo has reveals he is not that close to his Argentine rival, Lionel Messi.
He downplayed the significance of his rivalry with the Barcelona ace and stressed that there is a mutual respect between them, even though the two are not friends.

Leo Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo have dominated football for more than 8 years sharing 5 and 3 Ballon do'r within them.
In his words:- "There is a big mutual respect between myself and Messi, The media like to make out like we have this big rivalry, but we don't. It is not like we are good friends, but there is a mutual respect on both sides".
Cristiano Ronaldo has faced plenty of high profile defenders since making his professional debut at Sporting CP, but there is one opponent who stands out for the prolific scorer.
The 31 year old attacker reveals Ashley Cole is the toughest defender he has faced over the years but singled out his compatriot, and countryman Pepe Lima as the teammate he would want next to him in a war.

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