Meet Young Nigerian Lady Who's A Carpenter and Learnt The Strenuous Work Via Watching Youtube Videos [Photos]

The beautiful young lady you see above is Olabisi – a very rare kinda Nigerian female who voluntarily went into carpentry because it is her dream, and she is very proud of the path she has taken.
She shared these photos of social media and wrote below:

So about a week ago, I started my self carpentry training..waow!thanks to YouTube and the free carpentry books online. I had actually thought it's going to be an easy ride but eish….it's not been easy and neither is it as difficult as I was told it would be.

The beautiful thing is, this journey is revealing to me much more than ever that God is a God of process. Therefore, no pressure! Whether I succeed or fail is inconsequential, I am open enough to take the risk to fail. No pressure. No quest for instant gratification. No immediate result needed. For me, its all about enjoying the process.


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