"I Find Myself Having Se*x With Strange Women & Even Animals" - Man With Spiritual Problems Attempts Suicide [See His Letter]

A man, Jacob Elegbede, who attempted to commit suicide by hanging himself behind a primary school in Zanda, Abuja has blamed some spiritual forces that won't let him be.

The 48-year old driver stated that he was not himself when he climbed a tree in an attempt to commit suicide in a nearby bush, noting that he simply found himself on the tree along with the rope he wanted to use to kill himself.

Elegbede, a father of one, who worked with a construction company in Abuja, twice attempted to hang himself on Saturday and Sunday, prompting his neighbors to alert policemen, who arrested him.

Before the suicide attempt, he had written a note in which took responsibility for the planned crime and also asked for forgiveness from his family and neighbors.

Elegbede, who hails from Badagry, Lagos, also listed the names of his creditors whom he owed various amounts, asking for their forgiveness.

In an interview after his arrest, he said, "I also started having strange dreams in which I find myself having intercourse with strange women and even animals.
"I worship at the Mountain of Fire and Miracle church in Abuja, but I couldn't go for prayers or deliverance because I work from Monday to Sunday and there was no time for any other thing. I believe my problem is spiritual because I can't even explain how I found myself on the tree with a rope to hang myself.”

Asked about the suicide note that was recovered by the police, Elegbede, stated that he could not remember writing the said letter because he had no pen or paper in his room.
I strongly believe some spiritual forces were behind my problem because while I was in the cell last Saturday, I had a wet dream in which a dog was licking my private parts.

The suspect would however be charged to court after through investigation.

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