Prostitute Breaks Bottle On Man's Head Who Wants To Pay A Boiled Egg For Sex In Zimbabwe [See Photo]

Moses Mushonga, 28, walked to this prostitute in a town Mvurni at Mashonland province to asked if she can give him s3x and will pay with a boiled egg instead the lady replied by breaking a bottle of beer on the guys head and not only breaking the bottle, she handled his asset. But as a man, he retaliated by beating her up and hold her by her bra and touching her bre*st too. The egg which cost 0.25 Zimbabwean dollars which is less than a penny and the her services which worth around 0.8 Zimbabwean dollars. The situation then attracted the authorities and they explained everything to them so she said she needed to teach him how to respect a lady and she was not arrested.. SEE THE FULL ONE HERE HERE

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