Yomi Fabiyi Already Divorced His Wife Since Last Year - Insider Says He's Lying To All Nigerians

A friend of Yomi's oyinbo wife finally revealed that the actor has been lying to all Nigerians, that he has divorced her last year after frustrating the poor lady. Here is what the lady said :-

  “Uncle Yomi Eberu olorun ooo (fear God), how can you ever say you love Fran. I was there when you marry and I know what    poor Fran went through out of desperation for love. You made her suffer hell and abandoned her for years so as to    frustrate her out of the marriage. You used her credit card to buy designer watches and wears in London and yet promise    to pay her, whatever you sow you shall reap.”
He has using the lady's credit card in buying useless things and buying designers stuffs. What do you think GUYS??


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