Leave Him Alone!!! Singer 9ice Ex-Wife, Toni Payne Has Come Out To Defend The Singer Over Hit Single [Must Read]

Leave Him Alone!!! Singer 9ice Ex-Wife, Toni Payne Has Come Out To Defend The Singer Over Hit Single [Must Read]

Toni Payne who was once married to popular singer 9ice has come out to defend her ex-hubby after Falz's HIPtv interview in which he told Nigerian singers not to glorify Yahoo boys which have
become the trend among them. In a series of tweets, Toni passed some message that is a must read for everybody. Read it all below.

“We all absorb music differently. At the end of the day, the artist can only “create” the masses determine what songs “blow.”

The fact that Beautifully Spoilt, Ojo, Ogara & so many other beautiful songs on d album rnt as big as Living things says a lot consumer wise

Y’all can argue all day but while u do, remember, you the listeners chose this song as a fav over so many other beautiful songs on d album.

I listen to Future with his morally bankrupt lyrics.. it’s a CHOICE. I enjoy it. I don’t come and form holy while enjoying my choice..

Iv listened to the ID Cabasa album 1M times. The ONE song people can say has questionable lyrics is what the consumer liked most. GO FIGURE!

Music Artists like most artists, poets inclusive, draw inspiration from their environment. Singing about it doesn’t mean you approve of it.

I listened to 2Pac as young as 13.. of course I knew some of his lyrics were naughty but I enjoyed the sound and still never emulated it

Mask Off by Future is probably one of d biggest songs in 2017. Did you go buy Molly or Percocet after listening to it? No, cos u know better
I choose what influences me, the influence doesn’t choose me!

Truth is people enjoy a bit of naughtiness.. some live vicorously through these lyrics knowing damn well they can’t do half the things in it

So if you wish to motivate the “Artist” to give u ONLY conscious lyrics, do so by ur actions. Trend conscious song & that’s what you’ll get

After all, music is also a biz and most Music Artists will give their target market what they want. Most will churn out what “sells”

Y’all want beautiful conscious songs? I’ll tweet u some that are ALSO readily available for consumption.. 😊😊

In other words, most of us are guilty of secretly or indirectly embracing naughty things.. some of us just wanna be hypocritical about it.

As for u.. u hate some1 so much yet u still follow them. Then waste ur time subbing like a PETULANT CHILD. Makes no sense. simply unfollow

Name calling someone who doesn’t send u, all over the place like a depraved soul.. how sad, how childish. You have been noticed. Now GO AWAY

It’s this same madness, this same impulsiveness, this same not thinking before you act, this same thirst 4 vengeance that got u blacklisted

Funny enuff my fav part of that song is “I wanna be enterprising, I wanna be on top of things” that’s d part I enjoy that resonates with me

Wait till y’all arnt “good” that’s when u see their true colors. Extend an olive branch of peace, how they respond says who they truly are

We see things the way we want to see it… we see our character how we wish to see it… who is wrong or right depends on our perspective.

If I grew up in the 60s, I, without a doubt, would have been a hippie. Peace, Love & Hair Grease.
As 4 me, I will always keep peace with those who truly wish 2 keep peace with me. Not people who spend their time trashing me behind my back

All this energy y’all r spending online to argue, how bout u use it to get out there and start mentoring the youth. lord knows it’s needed.
I do it and it’s a beautiful thing… be the change you wish to see.”

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