At Last! Ebuka Finally Open up on dating Cee-c and how he met her

At Last! Ebuka Finally Open up on dating Cee-c and how he met her

Big Brother Naija reality television show host and announcer Ebuka Obi Uchendu has finally opened up on his alleged relationship with 2018 finalist, Cee-c.

In an interview with Beat FM on Friday, below is what Ebuka said.

”Cee-C insulted me..she was known for not being nice to visitors in the house…with me was no exception..she told me to sit my behind down. Something goes on today and she says something the next day, I do my job, I had a job to do and I did it”

“She said something in the house that got mixed interpreted. She said she drove to my house and we had a conversation that made me put her into the reality show.

“Apparently she came to marketed something to me, in some event, I mean, I attend so many event in Lagos. I’m not supposed to remember everybody.

“Apparently, this happened at Terraculture, nothing about this came to my mind until I heard what she said during the show.

“To the best of my knowledge, the first time I met Cee-c was when I spoke to her on stage during the show.

“The reason I didn’t debunk it was because I wanted it to die naturally. It was a very stupid rumour and I didn’t want to give life.

“I think she has crush on me. But I don’t know what else she has on her head. I’ve never spoken to her except while in the house when I was doing my job.”

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