King Sunny Ade And Radio Station Staff In battle Over Unpaid Salaries.(Details)

King Sunny Ade And Radio Station Staff In battle Over Unpaid Salaries.(Details)

Juju music Legend, King Sunny Ade's Rdio Station 'Music and Culture 106.5 FM' in Ondo State sacked some of its workers and the sacked workers are aggrieved they claimed to have been working under bad working condition and they are still owed several months salary, below is what one of the workers said; ''Everyone will think with these Calibre of people at the helm of affairs,the workers of the station will be enjoying good working atmosphere but No, the only thing they enjoy is continuous debts cos their salaries are not regular.''

The workers said On the 13th of April 2018, they embarked on a strike after many peaceful dialogues proved abortive with the Chairman and the board. While still on strike and was hoping things would go back to normal then Saturday, 14th April 2018 the Executive Director of the radio station locked up the station and left with the keys.

The sacked worker futher said ''He returned with other board members on Tuesday, 17th April with armed men all over the station. He started calling members of staff one by one with a threat that they either come back to work or lose their jobs. Some of the staffs who are cowards betrayed others and went back to work. The ones whom they couldn't get through to or who wanted their money before resuming  were dismissed with immediate effect without a dime or plans on how to get their money. It's been more than 2 weeks now and there's still no news about their money or how it will be paid.''

''King Sunny Ade has been seen in the premises with these other board members since this incidence but yet, nothing has been done about payment to the sacked workers. These are people we refer and think they are Men of dignity in the society but they trample on the right of a common man who's worked for them''

''All actions were taken without pay or any hope of when payment will be made. Help us beg King Sunny Ade and his board members to pay us our salaries. We are not beggars, we've worked for our money and we deserve to be paid for it.''

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