Enjoy Your Weekend

Enjoy Your Weekend

--------That Awkward Moment wen u Visit boo nd d Kids Next Door are Arguing .. "Dis is anoda Aunty, Yesterday own was dark nd slim

----------*If you see a Nigerian guy holding a small Jerry-can in the hot sun rushing towards a fuelling station, know that she's coming!*
If you know, you know.

--------*When they call u wife material be careful. Some people haven't come to buy any material but to cut pieces for sample. World ppl*

--------*Promise a guy s#x and see how he will be checking on u as if u have been admitted in hospital*.

-------Drinking a lot of water can help you mind your business because you could spend most of your time urinating instead of gossiping.

.-------I was passing at the back of the church last Sunday when I heard the pastor saying in his preaching that the  devil is passing, hmm my brothers and sisters I couldn't control my speed anymore.

------Dating a jealous Girl Is so stressful*
*She will be like "I saw a Lady looking at u, Why did you allow her to see u?*

----Baby send me your* *account number.**That word alone can* *make a woman CUM* *without been touched!!!* 

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