MC Oluomo retaliates to the criticisms he received over his UNILAG's invitation

MC Oluomo retaliates to the criticisms he received over his UNILAG's invitation

NURTW Lagos Chapter boss responses to the criticisms he got concerning the invitation from University of Lagos in order for him to lecture at the programme organised by the National Association Of Geography Students, UNILAG chapter.

Although, the invitation is yet to take place today September 19th and all of the sudden, most Nigerian believed that the NURTW Boss, MC Oluomo is not qualified to be part of the programme cause he's not educated and while others defends him to be given a chance to acquire knowledge.

According to the condemnation of his invites, MC Oluomo speaks through his aide Jimoh Buhari; He said "he could not attend the programme again as he is presently in Abuja for a seriuos purpose he can't miss out. And he does not undestand why Nigerians can't give him the opportunity"

As Jimoh Buhari also said;
“I don’t know the reason people are going against the invitation because the people who invited him knew what they wanted him to say. If he had gone there and said something wrong, then the critical reactions would have been justified.
“Is it a crime not to be educated? Should people who did not go to school go and commit suicide? I think that if someone did not go to school and has a large following, it is enough reason for people to invite him to occasions. Those who invited him for the event had a strong reason for doing it.
“People are judging MC Oluomo based on hearsay. You don’t judge a book by its cover. We are also making efforts to change the negative impression people have about him.”

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