Checkout The 6 Biggest Nigerian Celebrities Fight On Social Media

Checkout The 6 Biggest Nigerian Celebrities Fight On Social Media

There is no fight quite like a celebrity social media battle. This is because media outlets is loaded with fun, energy and controversies.

Nigerian celebrities, simply have their method of giving us points to discuss.

Checkout the biggest Nigerian celebrities fight that shook social media:

* Liz Anjorin and Toyin Abraham

This could have been labeled one of the greatest and most discussed celebrity fights as of late.

 Everything appeared like a movie particularly since they are actresses.

Anjorin took to her Instagram page and blamed Abraham of filing report against her to Saudi Arabian authorities that she (Anjorin) was dealing cocaine, which prompted her being searched at the airport, claiming that Abraham often opened fake social media pages to condemn her colleagues online.

Responding through her lawyers, Toyin cautioned Lizzy to bring down her posts and apologize or risk being sued.

At the point when many thought Anjorin was going to end everything by then, her lawyers additionally reacted and threatened to counter-sue Abraham.

Anjorin Kept up that Toyin had her new child at a traditional birth attendant’s place while Abraham released a video indicating her in a Lekki-Lagos hospital, in what appeared to be soon after she delivered her son.

The President of the Theatre Arts and Movie Practitioners Association of Nigeria, Bolaji Amusan, aka Mr Latin, needed to turn out openly to caution them to stop the ‘fighting’ on social media.

Talking in a video broadcast shared on social media, Latin said: “From today, any of you (Toyin or Liz) that posts anything on Instagram, whether positive or negative, the industry will penalise such person. Enough is enough; it’s getting out of hand. Liz Anjorin and Toyin Abraham, this is the last warning– if you post anything, you won’t like what will happen.”

* Tiwa Savage and Charles Anazodo

Nigerians won't overlook in a rush the quarrel between singer Tiwa Savage and football analyst, Charles Anazodo.

Everything began when Anazodo accused Tiwa for strolling past him without saying ‘hi’ when they met at a radio station.

The singer, who didn't hesitate in answering Anazodo, said: “Firstly, I’m sure you saw me rushing to the studio because I was late for my interview, plus I had a hat on. Secondly, I’m glad I didn’t say hi because who are you to think you can’t say hi first”.

The verbal exchange proceeded as Anazodo reacted to the tweet, saying, “I’m nobody– just another human being. Cheers”.

This created loads of responses from Nigerians on social media.

* MI and Vector

MI and Vector are two talented rappers. Their fans regularly contrast them with one another.

The fight between the two was a huge one that had social media talking particularly Twitter.

On August 30, 2018, during a radio interview, Vector responded to MI’s song titled, ‘You Rappers Should Fix up Your Lives.’ Vector kept up that MI wasn't right to have denounced Nigerian rappers in the song.

In 2019, MI tossed a hit at Vector on a song titled ‘Martell Cypher’.

This, nonetheless, prompted to Vector ‘dissing’ MI on the track, ‘The Purge’.
From there on, MI legitimately discharged ‘shots’ at Vector in the ‘diss’ track dedicated to him and titled, ‘The Viper’.

In the song, MI branded Vector a snake, expressing that he (Vector) enabled bitterness to consume him.

The fight didn’t end there as Vector chose to fire back at MI in the song, ‘Judas the Rat’, where he asserted MI was responsible for the failure of Jesse Jagz’s music career.

His lyrics stated: “Jesse Jagz, you’re my buddy. I couldn’t do this in a hurry but the truth about your brother has been blurry. So, sometime in this sermon, I will say some uncomfortable facts to show his fans their GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) is really a rat. Let’s start the lecture…”

* Naira Marley and Ruggedman

Marlians president, Azeez Fashola prominently known as Naira Marley is one of Nigeria’s rave of the moments. The young artiste was continually uploading videos on his Instagram handle about the wrongs of special internet fraud security systems, EFCC and SARS.

This after some time has made him step on toes because of his dubious ‘support’ of internet fraud
This was what caused the conflict among him and veteran artiste rugged man.

Ruggedman required for his arrest on his Instagram handle based on Naira Marley’s controversial song “Am I a yahoo boy”.

Naira Marley was at last arrested and the case is as yet contious. This fight rocked social media and got Nigerians talking.

* Eniola Badmus and Uche Ogbodo

Only seven days after actress Uche Ogbodo openly body-shamed her colleague Eniola Badmus, Ogbodo shared series of sexy pictures to celebrate her birthday.

Responding to the pictures, Badmus censured Ogbodo, saying that regardless of the provocative idea of the photos, they didn’t stand out enough to be noticed the way she wanted.

Eniola wrote on her Instagram: “Uche Ogbodo­– joker, you were pulling me down on Instablog like you were the greatest .Women supporting women is not in your dictionary”.

This is likewise one fight that got Nigerians talking.

* Tacha and Mercy

Precisely 10 days to the end of the popular reality TV show Big Brother Naija 2019, controversial housemate Tacha and Mercy got into a really serious fight.

Both were at one another’s throats, exchanging condemnation till Mercy flipped her hair towards Tacha and she (Tacha) pulled Mercy’s hair.

The act anyway prompted Tacha’s disqualification from the show.

This is one major fight that got Nigerians reacting as fans of the two were famous for assauting and shading each other on social media.

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