How God Made My Life A Movie In 2019 – Toyin Abraham

How God Made My Life A Movie In 2019 – Toyin Abraham

Nollywood actress Toyin Abraham, celebrating her victorious entry into the new year, has written down an appreciation message to God for making 2019 a marvelous year for her!

She wrote:

"In the last two years, I have always had movies at the cinemas. The boxoffice have been good to me. But in the last 12 month, God decided to make my life a movie. He became the CEO of the box office, director of the movie and chief marketer of the brand. I cannot say he has not done a good job. He has made my life a movie, even I became a spectator. Thank you God. He also gave me #toyintitans , it seems like I won a lottery with him. I am super grateful to these set of fans in season and out of season. Eshe gan. And thank you to all those who play prominent roles in my 2019. It was a blast. God came through for me and he will come through for you too. Let's go make 2020 better.

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