Lola Margaret’s Husband Marries Another Actress.

Lola Margaret’s Husband Marries Another Actress.

News went trending earlier today,  that upcoming actress; Princess Medeyonmi Dada was married to Lola Magaret’s husband traditionally and it started blended responses via social media.

All things considered, the actress being reffered to has now responded by sharing her side of the story on Instagram page.

As indicated by her, it is a new year and she has chosed to clear the issue once and for all.

Checkout what she wrote below,

“It’s a new year and it is high time I clear this issue once and for all.Firstly, everybody got their own past and experience they say is the best teacher. I don’t have any child for him, that picture was an old picture and the church dedication of his cousin.

“He is a very cool and calm man; for anyone who knows him and is close to him. He was friend before anything and even after everything he is still my friend. We build bridges we don’t burn bridges.

“It’s a new year and I have a new life that I won’t want anything to ruin because everyone got a past and I am not ashamed of my past and I am loving my future because that’s the experience.

“I just got engaged to the man of my dreams so I will appreciate if we can get over this and all move on because this is 2020. Please I just want us all to be happy and live our lives, I love you all. Thank you.” (sic).

See a screenshot of the post below…..

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