Simi Reveals Why She Doesn’t Want People To Know She loved Adekunle Gold

Simi Reveals Why She Doesn’t Want People To Know She loved Adekunle Gold

It's now a year since award-winning songstress, Simi and her hubby Adekunle Gold exchanged the conjugal pledges in a private ceremony in Lagos.

Numerous fans were shocked when their wedding photos hit the internet as the couple never show any sort of public display of affection on social media.

All things considered, Simi while reacting to a tweet on Wednesday, disclosed that she didn’t want people to realize she was in love with someone called Adekunle.

This came after a follower on the micro-blogging platform disclose that her hit song “Joromi” was her top choice.

Reacting, another follower “said “The energy is different, I guess you were in a happy space when you recorded.. My favorite jam too and your first song Tiff”

Simi then answered, saying she never intended to use, “Joromi” that the initial plan was “Dekunle Dekunle, I want you to love me”, yet she didn’t want it to seem like she loved him that much.

“Lol Happy place? Where? I was over it. I wrote like 4 songs on the beat before I wrote Joromi. I was actually going to use “Dekunle Dekunle – I want you to love me” – but I already had “Take Me back” and I didn’t wanna sound like I liked somebody called Kunle that much.” Simi tweeted.

In the mean time, Simi while describing how she met her husband sometime ago, expressed that she had referred to him as the king of photoshop and not a singer until they had their first meeting.

The celebrity couple sealed their love with a calm customary wedding in Lagos, a year ago with a couple of loved ones attendance.

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