Sir Shina Peters Reveals The Unbreakable Bond Between Him And His Wife Of 30Years, Sammie Peters.

Sir Shina Peters Reveals The Unbreakable Bond Between Him And His Wife Of 30Years, Sammie Peters.

Few weekends back, Sammie Peters, the wonderful wife of Sir Shina Peters turned 60 and she stamped it in fabulous style at the Time Square in Lagos.

The day would simplyt have been confused with a wedding anniversary in view of the open showcase of love shown by Shina and Sammie Peters.

They were occupied with embracing and got enthusiastic by kissing each other to the reverence of all. Shina and Sammie Peters have been together for over 3 decades and their love keeps getting strong.

You will recalls that Shina Peters had at first gifted her a brand new car on her birthday eve, an action that made Sammie lose control of herself.

Notwithstanding all the chances, City people reports that they have both remained in marriage and made it work for 25 years.

In their interviews, Shina Peter reveals why he could not have married anyone else, “Choosing my wife was destiny; it was not my making or hers. We were destined to be together and I feel everyone has someone destined for him or her. When I think about the fact that I am happily married, it is like a miracle”. Sammie also testified in one of her interviews in 2014 on how they first met 35 years ago.

“We actually met in 1981 in Lagos, we lived in the same neighborhood and it was love at first sight. He was a very young and intelligent man but very ambitious towards his career. “Of course he was a budding musician with lots of attention here and there but in 1982 we did our traditional marriage and from there the long journey started, we eventually did our white wedding in 1995. It was not an easy period, so many things happened in between that time but love conquered all” she further said.

Their love story is one of the most interesting love stories in Nigeria’s music entertainment industry and through it all Shina and Sammie Peters have remained inseparable.

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