Celebrities Laments Concerning Okada ban In Lagos State

Celebrities Laments Concerning Okada ban In Lagos State

Nigerian celebrities have publicized their sentiment on the Keke Napep and Okada ban in Lagos State.

The ban which produced result on February 1 has left numerous Lagosians stranded and in troublesome circumstances with less means of transportation over the state.

Few celebs have now responded by uncovered how they feel about the Okada ban.

Yemi Alade tweeted: “I Hail Our Country o!
So Senior Citizens like Grandma and Grand pa will Trek in this hot weather, we barely have any trees left in Lagos to provide shade and breeze”.

BBNaija reality TV star, Coco Ice tweeted: “In as much as banning bikes and keke is in the best interest of people’s safety as stated, it’s still rather insensitive not to provide an alternative before the ban!

“If the Lagos state government genuinely cares about its people then something must be done fast!

“Literally everyone who depended on bikes (okada) and keke as a means of transportation have been left stranded.

“It’s now more difficult for people to get to their destination @jidesanwoolu please do something fast!”, she concluded.

Actress Kate Henshaw revealed how the Okada ban affected punctuality of a new employed cook.

“A friend just hired a new cook.. he is late to work on his first day….trekking does not make for punctuality“, she tweeted.

Despite the roads expected to be with less traffic due to the Okada ban which should reduced number of vehicles on the road, OAP Toke Makinwa still experienced traffic.

She said: “Traffic so early is crazy”.

Daddy Freeze on his own part saw it as an opportunity to mock pastors.

He wrote: “See one GO prophecy, yet he no see Okada ban, he dey see earthquake for far far away country”.

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