I Always Tell Foluke Daramola There Is No Coming Back If She Packs Out Like My First Wife - Husband

I Always Tell Foluke Daramola There Is No Coming Back If She Packs Out Like My First Wife - Husband

Nollywood actress, Foluke Daramola Husband, Salako Kayode, has for the countless time revealed that his marriage is as yet flawless.

Earlier this week, Reports on his marriage crash hit the internet, a report he eagerly denied.

Presently in a chat with Saturday Beats, the activist affirmed that a few people were writing such stories because they were lined up with his ex-wife. He said, “Some of them are sympathetic to the plight of my first wife. They feel she was unjustly sent out of the marriage by Foluke. But Foluke did not have a hand in it. No woman from outside can cause the break-up of my marriage if my wife did not leave herself. My first wife, for whatever reason, left the marriage and immediately she left, I got the spiritual conviction that I should continue my life with another woman. And that is the woman I am with now. Even if I leave Foluke Daramola today, I wouldn’t go back to my first wife. My father told me before he died that I shouldn’t go back to my former wife; that’s the tradition in our family. Once a woman, of her own volition, packs her things out of the house, she wouldn’t be allowed to come to the family again.

Speaking further, he said “I always tell Foluke too that she may get annoyed and fight me but once she packs out of the house, there would be no coming back. A lot of people don’t know that me and Foluke are uniquely and peculiarly bonded. So, it is only the two of us that can announce the break-up of our marriage. No external person is authorised to announce the dissolution of our marriage to the public. Me and Foluke are the only ones that can do that. The person who wrote the story is not a professional journalist. When he heard the story, he should have reached out to me to confirm, just like you’ve done.”

Salako likewise expressed that contrary to reports, he did not forsake his first wife.

“The false report claimed that I rendered my former wife and her children homeless but that is a lie. They currently live in New Jersey in the United States of America. It is also not true that it was my first wife that was running my school, Bosworth College International, Lagos. I have been an educationist for over 30 years but I only lived with my ex-wife for 13 years. So many people didn’t know that I actually taught the singer, Timaya, when he was a little boy.” he claimed.

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