Actress Dayo Amusa Cries Out To God To Rearrange Her Story For Good And Give Her...

Actress Dayo Amusa Cries Out To God To Rearrange Her Story For Good And Give Her...

Popular actress, Dayo Amusa, has said a very important prayer on her Instagram page for her followers to say a big "Amen" to.

The actress, stated that she wants God to complete and fulfill her purpose and give a sounding turnaround.

"This woman right here hasn’t figured it all out but Hey! I tap into the blessings of those who have... Oh Lord of Mercy!!! Fulfill my purpose, complete me, give me a sounding turnaround, rearrange my story for good and give me a happy ending.
If you really care, Just type AMEN πŸ™ for my sake..." she said.

In a previous post, Dayo Amusa prayed that God should favor everybody who is working during this coronavirus pandemic.

"Ramadan Kareem beautiful souls! πŸ“ΏπŸ•‹ Alhamdulilah we’ve made it to this spiritual month.. and particularly in our current situation I am grateful just to be breathing as we enter it.

As we do every year, let’s strive to beat the last. Let this month be dedicated to strengthening our love for Allah and reconnect the centre of ourselves to Him which will guide us truly in all our worldly affairs, our work, our relationships, our emotional and mental health and of course, our purpose.

I know everyone’s sad about the pandemic #Covid19 situation but we’re also sooo lucky that we’re at home to cherish every moment and it will bring us ease too. For anyone who’s working at this time, may Allah reward you even more for your efforts.

May Allah bless you all and make this the best Ramadan yet! Will pray for you all.. Please pray for me too 🀲🏼

We shall overcome this too Insha Allah πŸ™πŸ“Ώ"

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