Checkout The 6 Well Known Yoruba Actors And Actresses Who Have Relocated To U.S

Checkout The 6 Well Known Yoruba Actors And Actresses Who Have Relocated To U.S

In the last two decades, over 20 known Yoruba actors in Nigeria have migrated the United States of America for greener pastures.

Strangely, just a couple of them have had the option to experience the way toward obtaining legitimate residency in God’s own country. However these make-believe stars have kept on shooting movies and feature in movies in various states of America, they still keep contact with their Nigerian roots.

While countless of these celebrities have kept up with their fans over the world by means of  social media, others have attempted to feature and shoot movies in Nigeria and US. 

Below are the five Yoruba famous actors who have relocated to the US in no particular.

Rasaq Ajao aka Araosan

Rasaq Ajao, fondly called Araosan is one of the oldest Nigerian movie practitioners that moved to the United States of America more than two decades ago. The actor, who is likewise a nurse, still manage to act and keep up with the Nigerian movie industry as well as his colleagues and fans.

Laide Bakare

Nollywood actress, Laide Bakare who hails from Oyo State, mostly acts in Yoruba movies. She was born on October 7,1980.

The actress who currently resides in US, announced her residency status in the US to the world in 2017.

Yomi Gold

Yomi Gold is another actor who left Nigeria for greener pastures. He announced his residency status in November 5, 2018.

Yomi Gold is happily married to his US based wife, Victoria Ige and their union is blessed with beautiful children.

Femi Ogedengbe

Nollywood actor, Femi moved to the United States of America around three years ago when things were no longer rosy for him in the movie industry. The talented actor turned into a security guard in the U.S and was not ashamed to reveal it. He expressed once in while back that he has accomplished more as a security guard abroad than he while at home acting, regardless of the fact that he has put more than twenty years in the industry.

Tunde Owokoniran

Tunde is a protégé of the popular Yoruba movie actor, Odunlade Adekola as it was Odunlade that introduced him to acting after he had approached him at an event.

Yoruba movie actor, Tunde Owokoniran popularly known as tunde tilapia. He hails from Ogun state but has spent much of his lifetime in Lagos state. He went to Lagos State University where he studied Industrial Relations and Personnel Management. He graduated from the University in 2010.

At the point When young Tunde lost his mom many years ago, life turned into a battle for him for him. Because of his polygamous background, he thought that it was troublesome getting satisfactory help therefore he could scarcely make a decent living. As a method of meeting his immediate needs, Tunde had to join the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW) in Ojuelegba. Joining the NURTW enabled him secure work as a bus conductor. However he had to sleep under the bridge as his income could only feed and clothe him.

From that point onward, this young actor burst into the Yoruba movie scene quite a long while back years ago, his fame has grown in leaps and bounds

Toyin Adewale

The mother of popular Nigerian artiste, Mayorkun moved to US after her husband, Mr Adewale moved to US.

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