"Hearing Her Response, I Was Filled With So Much Joy" Producer, Bolaji Basia Talks About Toyin Abraham's Journey To Fame.

"Hearing Her Response, I Was Filled With So Much Joy" Producer, Bolaji Basia Talks About Toyin Abraham's Journey To Fame.

Veteran movie producer, Bolaji Basia, took to his Instagram page to write about Toyin Abraham road to fame.

He likewise stated about how she got her first role in his movie and afterward the second one. Bolaji Basia additionally disclosed how determined and how good she was.

"Couple of days ago, i came across this extremely talented and ravishingly beautiful lady on Instagram having a live chat with one of her colleagues… Then I paused to listen to what the chat is all about… As i was listening, the lady ask Toyin if she has ever been paid up to a million to act in a movie be before?
Her response yes, several times… Hearing that i was filled with so much joy and equally emotional at the same time… Then I remembered about two decades ago, when I first met this young crazily talented girl… As the executive producer of the movie called DUGBE-DUGBE MBO, i requested for an audition which is not too common at the time for a yoruba film… The audition was in Ibadan, either U.I. or so… Toyin was one of the many students that came on that day.. Myself as the executive producer, Tope Idowu as the director and the producer were the judges
To make it brief… When it was Toyin’s turn to perform her audition, it was a stunning performer… she put everything into it… she even got injured in the process to the extent that blood was gushing out from her leg, still she never stopped until the director ask her to stop… The movie at the time was a big project, so, the roll she was auditioning for was just a regular student roll… As God will have it, the person that was to play sub-lead couldn’t make it, i had to convince my director and producer to let her play the roll which is not usually given to a new actor… The movie was shot in O.A.U. Ile-Ife and her performance was beyond expectations… My next project at the time was for Bisi Ibidapo Obe in Lagos titled OYINADE 1&2
I had no choice than to invite her to Lagos to be part of the project
The director Abbey Lanre and producer Bisi Ibidapo did not know who she was since they were both not in Ibadan/Ile-Ife… Luckily for me, Muyi Sansiliu that did the continuity in Ile-Ife was the one doing same for OYINADE
I appeal to both the director Abbey Lanre and producer Bisi Ibidapo to allow her play the sub-lead to Bisi Ibidapo who is playing lead.

I told them once we get on set and she couldn’t perform to their standard, they should let her go… She d"

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