How 'Giveaway Fraud' Affects Eniola Badmus Mental Health...

How 'Giveaway Fraud' Affects Eniola Badmus Mental Health...

This all begun when popular Yoruba actress, Eniola Badmus who made the rounds days ago after she was called out for  for holding on to a sponsor’s 500K.

We reported that Eniola Badmus was given N500,000 to share to some poor Nigerians to help reduce the impact of COVID-19 in the country. The actress held onto the money following the sponsor not paying her N150,000 for the giveaway services.

The Screenshots of the DM released online shows that Eniola just referenced the 150,000 charges after the man had sent the cash.

Eniola had already posted the 500,000 giveaway on her Instagram page before the deal turned sour.

That's was how Angry fans flooded her comment section with various insultingly words

Eniola Badmus, in her defense later cleared the air on the issue, ‘sending money to 100 people is tasking’.

The plus sized actress, shared screenshots of messages from the sponsor online, apologizing for everything days later.

As indicated by inside sources, she was allegedly broken and cried bitterly over it as that moment was a bad one for her.

“The dragging and name calling was too much for her. No body wanted to hear her own side of the story or even listen to her. She was painted black. She cried and it really affected her mental health” - inside source.

Nevertheless, one twitter influncers, Bimbo who called her out Eniola, has openly apologized to her after she contacted.

Bimbo, on twitter wrote:

“I made a tweet about BadmusEniola days ago , it went viral , She has reached out to me about how this affected her. I have deleted the tweet immediately and also apologized . Mental health is something I take very seriously . Once again , I apologise sis”

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