See The Son Of Queen Salawa Abeni And Kollington Ayinla, Big Sheff's New look

See The Son Of Queen Salawa Abeni And Kollington Ayinla, Big Sheff's New look

The son of Fuji musicians, Queen alawa Abeni and Kollington Ayinla, Rapper Big Sheff presently have another look.

Big Sheff, who use to be exceptionally huge has experienced change and now looks slim down enough.

Few years back, Big Sheff expressed that being the son of two great Nigerian musicians is a blessing and a curse. He likewise disclosed that he was OK with his enormous body.

“It goes both ways; sometimes, being the
son of Salawa Abeni and Ayinla Kollington is both a blessing and a
curse. There are some places I go to and if they see me, they are very
warm towards me and everything goes smoothly. But there are some other
places I would go to and they would be hostile towards me because of my
parents. I have experienced both. Only time would tell if I can fit in
my parents’ shoes. It would have been an easy thing if it was just one
shoe I want to fit in but now, I have two big shoes I want to fit in. I
think I am up for it anyway” he said.

The rapper made the crowd at Felabration to go insance when he removed his shirt on stage showing his rotund body. He disclosed to Saturday Beats that he is entirely OK with his stature.

“People have been calling me
Nigerian Rick Ross ever since I started doing music professionally some
years back and I am used to it by now. I am very comfortable in my skin
and I often tell people that if you are a slim person, you should not
expect to see someone with six packs when you look into the mirror. If
you are a big person, don’t go to the front of the mirror expecting to
see a slim person.

“If you see that I am a big person when I have my
clothes on, then you should expect to see a big person when I take my
clothes off. There is nothing to be shy and embarrassed about. If you
are comfortable with your looks, then nobody can use it against you. But
if you are not comfortable in your skin; that is when there would be an
issue.” he said.

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