Checkout The 10 Similarities That Occur Between Funke Akindele And Toyin Abraham

Checkout The 10 Similarities That Occur Between Funke Akindele And Toyin Abraham

Popular Nollywood actresses, Funke Akindele-Bello and Toyin Abraham are definitely no push-overs when it comes to translating movie scripts to letters. They 're both very good, although one is a little dark in the complexion, while the other is fair.

But did you know that there are up to 10 fascinating things that both of them have in common that you might not have known about?

Yes, there are.

Below are the 10 interesting  things they both have in common.

1. Funke and Toyin are both prevalently, Yoruba on-screen characters. Without dancing around the issues, the 2 entertainers got famous acting in Yoruba motion pictures, and that is a reality nobody could contend against.

2. Both are highly sought-after actresses in Nollywood, as findings have shown that neither of them charges anything less than # 1,500,000.00 (one point five million naira) for their box office film roles which they have mostly engaged in recent times.

3.Both Funke and Toyin practice Christianity.

4. Both Funke and Toyin were particularly contentious. Funke was at the height of her own controversy when she dated Femi Adebayo, and Toyin had her own when she met Seun Egbegbe.

5. Both Funke and Toyin live in Lekki, a posh area of Lagos, in a various selection of estates.

6. Funke and Toyin are both more well known than their similarly, superstar spouses. Funke is positively more mainstream than Rasheed Bello, while Toyin is additionally more well known than Kola Ajeyemi.

7. They have both being the ambassador of the same brand. Keep in mind, Funke was the ambassador of Nigeria Center for Disease Control (NCDC) which is in the bleeding edge of battling against Covid-19 until a house party gathering that turned out badly made the disease battling brand to drop her and welcomed on Toyin to replace her as the essence of the brand.

8. Both Funke and Toyin had bombed relationships. Funke had with Kehinde Almaroof a.k.a Kendo, while Toyin had with Adeniyi Johnson.

9. Funke and Toyin are both right now wedded to men who have had children from other ladies. Both Rasheed Bello otherwise called JJC Skills (Funke's hubby) and Kola Ajeyemi also known as Awilo (Toyin's companion) as of now have children before wedding the actresses.

10. Both Funke and Toyin have played comic characters in movies which have become very popular. Funke acted in "Jennifer" and Toyin acted in "Alakada."

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