"She Was At The Hospital For Months For Surgery" Lola Alao Opens Up On How She Takes Care Of Late Aisha Abimbola's Kids And Her Life In Canada.

"She Was At The Hospital For Months For Surgery" Lola Alao Opens Up On How She Takes Care Of Late Aisha Abimbola's Kids And Her Life In Canada.

Lola Alao is a Nigerian actress born on December 19, 1969 and hails from Igbira, Kogi State.

Lola Alao who was among the guest on City People IG interview couple of days back, opened up on certain issues, discussed how she has been adapting to life since the time she relocated to Canada. Her new role as the Guardian of the late Aisha Abimbola’s kids Lashe and Keji, her forthcoming award iconic black women awards, and the new acting group Nollywood ark Canada she created in Canada.

Lola Alao who started her journey in the early '9os with the English movies before going into the Yoruba movie industry, relocated to Canada couple of years back and while in Canada she has produced four movies and has similarly kept her fans exceptionally occupied with short educative and entertaining movies and skits which she generally shares on her IG page for fans to watch and enjoy.

How did acting start for you?

I have always loved acting and I joined the industry in the 90s featuring in English soaps and movies, I featured in Magnate, Nipples, Fortunes, Super Stories and others but one day Chico Ejiro and I talked about Yoruba movies that was how I produced my first Yoruba movie in 1992 and it was directed by Chico Ejiro, that was how my journey started in the Yoruba movie industry while featuring in the series I worked with veterans in the industry such as Taju Adepetu, Chico Ejiro, Charles Owoyemi, Ralph Nwadikeh, it has been a beautiful journey and I will forever remain grateful to God Almighty for everything.

Are you still acting in Canada?

Yes definitely, acting is something I have a strong passion for and will continue to do at least so far I have produced four different movies here and I have also done lots of short movies and skits and has shared some on my page, we only stopped due to the COVID-19 Pandemic and hope to continue once everything is over though it’s very expensive producing movies here.

Do you have professional actors there?

Yes we do, there are professional actors here but they are not much so that is the reason why most times we buy tickets for stars outside Canada to come and shot movies here in Canada and that was the reason I created nollywood ark Canada , don’t get me wrong am still a member of tampan Nigeria but in Canada I act under nollywood ark Canada which are made up of professional actors and upcoming stars so with them production is easy we produce our own movies and only engage the services of few other outside Canada once in a while, under this group we have professional directors, editors and all that and we will be launching the group soon, right now we have over 25 members and they always feature in our skits , movies, and short movies, beside me as the founder, we have a renowned movie stars like Adewale Adelani who is the vice president, princess oluwatosi oguntuga as matron, Temitope Ogutuga,Rachel Oyiza, Fadekemi Momoh, Abolade Balogun, Ayodele Abe, Aderayo is Aac, Babatunde Akanji, Emilda Segun, Oluwaseyi Sotannde, Olanifesi Aribilola, Rasheed Bajabiamila, Adetutu Adedoyin Bunmi Osun and lots of others.

How have you been coping with taking care of kids in your custody?

Lashe, Keji the late Aisha Abimbola stepped out to speak for themselves. We prefer our lives in Canada because the government provide us with light, there is security but we don’t have all that in Nigeria. The actress also added, life is better off here though keji, as you can see, is still using helmet, she had surgery a few months ago and still uses helmet to help her heal fast, it all started as a joke when she was supposed to go to school that morning but she complained of headache and I thought it was a minor thing before we knew what was happening we discovered it was serious, she was at the hospital for months for surgery and I had to stop working to take care of her for months, thank God she is okay, she was treated for free despite going through surgery, imagine all that in Nigerian and the amount that will be required, honestly God has really been faithful. Canadian government are the best.

Can you talk about your forthcoming awards?

Yes it’s called the iconic black women awards, it’s an award specially created to celebrate black women all over the world who has tremendously done well in their different endeavours it’s a way of saying thank you and also encourage them to do more because we have lots of younger ones looking up to them and also see them as role models in the society, these great women have excelled and raised the bar so high for others to follow, it was supposed to hold May 29th, 2020 but due to Covid-19 pandemic, it has been postponed to 0ct 9th, 2020 with my beautiful sister Iyabo Ojo and my brother Gbenga Adeyinka as the host.

What about your foundation, it was very active before you left the country but nothing is heard lately concerning it?

Like you know I run 2 different foundations one on my daughter’s name Damilola Ogunlana foundation which caters strictly for children and speaks against child abuse, molestation rape,  and all that while the other one is in my name Lola Alao empowerment foundation, that assist and empower the fewer privilege women in the society but along the line, I had serious issues with the foundation and was part of the reasons I left the country, but thank God everything is sorted out down. I remember you also give us all the necessary media support we require back then for all our outing and I also want to use this opportunity to say thank you, I appreciate everything we hope to continue our programs from where we stopped very soon.

What are the things in Canada that are not in Nigeria?

Too many to mention, in terms of education, security, electricity and every other thing Canada is the best, while in Nigeria I was living in a good place in Lagos with security in place but still have to sleep with one eye opened. Then let’s talk about what the government have been doing since the lockdown started, they have been giving us food, provision and money, I give it to their government 100 per cent. I don’t understand our leaders travels a lot and they see what’ s happening in other countries I don’t understand why they can’t do things differently for once. It’s such a pity.

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