"I Really Don't Care" Laide Bakare Speaks On Why She Will Choose Her Career Over Her Husband.

"I Really Don't Care" Laide Bakare Speaks On Why She Will Choose Her Career Over Her Husband.

Nollywood actress, Laide Bakare has opened up on her marital experiences in an exclusive interview.

Laide bounced back big time, married another man, following the collapse of her marriage a few years ago, and has since grown stronger in the industry.

The mother of three likewise opened up on her career, achievements and regret among other issues.

How do you combine marriage with career and motherhood?

I wouldnt say it’s hard or easy. No one is going to take up your responsibility for you. You just have to be the woman that you are meant to be. Whichever way, its God’s way of taking me through everything.

Is your husband not afraid that someone might snatch you from him when you’re on location?

Whether you are an actress or not, even the ugly ones, people get admirers. It’s a general thing. It doesnt have anything to do with your work, it depends on who you are, how disciplined you are. It’s all about discipline, and everybody in your life should understand your person and be free.

If your husband asks you to quit acting, what would you do?

I don't think any reasonable man would want his wife to quit her career. Definitely no, I wont adhere to that.

So, you are saying if your husband asks you to choose between him and your career, you won’t hesitate to make a choice?

I will choose my career.

Why would you make such a choice?

It’s because I have worked for it. I have been making money before and after, through my job.

I have other side businesses but the mother of them all is movie-making. So, any other thing that comes out of it is just secondary. I wouldn’t jeopardize what made me, because I have been Laide Bakare since age 16. So, I don’t think it is something I would want to drop.

What is your greatest achievement in the industry?

A lot, because I started off when I was 16 years old and that’s what I have been doing. So, I owe to the industry everything I have achieved in my life, I mean everything.

What kind of advice will you give to a female artist?

It’s to be themselves and never try to be the good girl. I tried it, I wanted to be the good girl and I deprived myself of so many things. I didn’t want to go to club and mix with lots of people, especially the opposite sex. So, for a period in my life I tried to play that part. I thought I was doing the right thing, but opportunities passed me by because I really didn’t want to do some things, because the impression might be wrong. People may say she dated this (person) before she achieved this and that. So, for me, I really deprived myself of so many things in life, because I wanted to be that good girl, and as clean as possible. I realized that you can never be, even if you are Mary, mother of Jesus, in the long run they will still talk about you. Just be you, anything that makes you happy, just do it.

Are you still getting toasters?

Yes, of course, so many.

How do you handle them?

I dont know how my phone number gets to people and they call me randomly. So, I stopped picking unknown numbers for a long time.  But I get text messages such as I like you and all of that, and I will be like I dont even know you. So, I dont pick calls I dont know. It happens a lot to women, and even if you are ugly, men will still call you.

Source: By Christian Agadibe of SunNewsPaper

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