"He Is Used To It" Baba Suwe's Son Adesola Reacts To News Of His Father's Death.

"He Is Used To It" Baba Suwe's Son Adesola Reacts To News Of His Father's Death.

Few days ago, news went viral that Veteran comic actor Babatunde Omidina, well known as Baba Suwe, was dead.

The rumours were prevalent on social media sites.

Several of his fans, who grew apprehensive regarding the unconfirmed news, took to social media to inquire about Baba Suwe's whereabouts, particularly since it was only a day to his 62nd birthday.

However, as per Baba Suwe's son, Adesola Omidina, his father is alive.

Nollywood actor, Yomi Fabiyi also confirmed that Baba Suwe is alive.

Baba Suwe turned 62 on Saturday, the 22nd of August.

He told Punch, ‘’We are grateful to God that my father is alive, that is what really counts for us. We cannot expect his health to be the way it used to be but he’s recovering daily. About death rumours. Baba Suwe is used to it because such rumours are peculiar to important personalities.

"The same was said about Chief Ebenezer Obey-Fabiyi recently. If Obey can be a victim, who then is Baba Suwe? People were calling us all over the world to show their concern. Baba Suwe was not even worried or angry. Such reports are not new to him.’’

Adesola likewise disclosed that the Lagos State Government had been of help to his father, adding that the wish of the comedian  “is to return to acting soon.”

 He said,  “We still take him to the hospital for check-ups and for his medication. If he has another opportunity to travel out, he’ll gladly go. My father can no longer do some of the things he used to do before his health deteriorated.”

“The most important thing my father and I discuss on a daily basis is how he’ll return to the stage. Thankfully, I am also a filmmaker. I’ve included him in some of my projects. He prays for long life as he is looking forward to seeing more of his grandchildren.’’

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