"His Adult Children Accused Me Of Murdering Him" Helen Prest Ajayi Speaks On The Drama That Broke Out At Her Husband's Funeral.

"His Adult Children Accused Me Of Murdering Him" Helen Prest Ajayi Speaks On The Drama That Broke Out At Her Husband's Funeral.

Helen Prest Ajayi spoke for the first time after the uproar that had occurred at the funeral of her husband, Dr. Oluwatosin Ajayi.

The 68-year-old who died on 26 April 2020 was laid to rest on 11 February at the Ebony Vault in Ikoyi, Lagos.

Unfortunately, a disagreement broke out when it was time to pour sand on his grave, when an official minister said the children of Dr. Ajayi's first wife, Oluwayemisi Ajayi, would pour sand on the coffin after their mother and before Helen Prest Ajayi, his widow.

This led to a misunderstanding because after the first wife of the deceased, it was argued that Helen Prest Ajayi should be the next to pour sand on the body.

According to reports, court decisions decreed that equal rights should be granted to both wives during the entire burial ceremony.

Everything went well at the funeral before Israel Kristilere, the pastor of the Shepherdhill Baptist Church, said that after the first wife had finished pouring dust, her children would go to the next one.

This caused a commotion between the two sides of the grave and ended with the first wife's children dragging the shovel from Helen Prest-Ajayi.

Reacting, Helen Prest-Ajayi recounted on Feb 17 that she had been accused by her husband's older children and their mother of murdering her late husband.

She added that she was taken to the Panti Police Station and dragged to court.

She said she was grateful to God for delivering her from false allegations, adding that this is the last time she's going to talk about the matter.

She wrote on Facebook:

This is the first day of Lent a time for spiritual healing and cleansing. This will be my last word on this matter.

It was never my wish to talk about the passing of my late husband Dr Tosin Ajayi on social media, despite the fact that during this 10 month period, from his death on April 26th 2020, I was accused of murdering him by his adult children and their mother, after spending 42 days in St Nicholas Hospital Lagos, by his bedside and dragged to Panti police station, then to Coroners court and then to High court.

I am thankful that God delivered me from all these false accusations and gave me victory to bury my late husband in the manner he deserved. 

I want to express my gratitude to those men and women of God praying with me during these trying moments. I am also grateful for the unflinching support of my family and friends all over the world, who stood by me, even the "Aprokos" propagating me to stardom.

Throughout this 10 month period my sole focus and objective was to ensure that I gave my late husband a befitting burial in accordance with his status as an Icon in the healthcare field in Nigeria, which I am happy I achieved in his honour. Love is at the heart of everything in life. For God is love and Love is God.

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