"Why I Cried Like A Child At My Daughter's Wedding" Fuji Star Pasuma Opens Up. (Video)

"Why I Cried Like A Child At My Daughter's Wedding" Fuji Star Pasuma Opens Up. (Video)

Pasuma, a famous Nigerian singer, has revealed why he shed hot tears at his daughter's Nikkah (wedding).

Pasuma expressed his joy at witnessing his second daughter's wedding, saying that considering the struggles he has faced in life, he was overjoyed to be there.

“People see the glory today but they don’t know the struggle but I am grateful to God for this privilege and I wish my daughter and husband a beautiful union filled with love and blessings”, he said.

Despite their bad blood, he allowed K1 de Ultimate to perform at the wedding, and it was learned that the two Fuji musicians decided to put the past behind them, as they now embrace and smile.

Pasuma, dressed in white and red traditional attire, held his daughter as they stepped into the venue amid a roar of applause from the audience. For the reception ceremony, the Fuji star will turn into a brown agbada, with K1 on the bandstand.

Alhaji Ajibola Pasuma literally shut down Lagos on Thursday, April 8, 2021, for the grand wedding of his second daughter, Oyindamola Barakat Odetola.

When Oyindamola married her long-time heart-throb, Olajuwon Babatunde Bello, Pasuma burst into tears and cried like a baby.

Pasuma says that it is difficult to let go of his daughter, but it is an inevitable part of his life that he cannot stop no matter how hard he tries.

He wrote: “The beauty and challenge of parenthood is that as tightly as you would like to hold on to your precious one, you continually need to let go”. I now truly understand that there is nothing like seeing your tiny tod all grown up and dressed in the bridal attire for her Big Day.

I must tell you, there is no such sacred bond like father and daughter. Today has been such a roller- coaster ride of emotions for me, looking at my little angel dressed up as the most beautiful ‘Bride’ in her ‘Nikah Wedding Dress’. Surely, this is a momentous time in every parent’s life. Letting go of your daughter is not a simple act but this is an inevitable part that cannot be dodged no matter how badly you want to. Oyindamola and Olajuwon, I wish you both great happiness together. I believe that not only will your love last, it will be a proof to all who surround you that love is beautiful, kind and enduring #TheOJLoveStory2021

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