Moment From Late Pastor Dare Adeboye's Funeral Service, Bishop Oyedepo, Others Attends.

Moment From Late Pastor Dare Adeboye's Funeral Service, Bishop Oyedepo, Others Attends.

The farewell service for late Pastor Dare Adeboye, the third child of Pastor E. A Adeboye was held today, May 11 at the Redemption Camp, Lagos-Ibadan expressway.

Photos from the farewell service emerges online via Church Gist on Facebook.

Bishop David Oyedepo made the closing charge and prayers.

"Every challenge of life requires a constant.

Every problem in life requires a constant for solution.

'Let God be true' is our constant.

Ever reliable, ever sure, He knows what He is doing.

He said, "what I do now thou knowest not but thou shall know hereafter." Thou shall know hereafter.

No going back, it shall be Forward Ever. 

For the entire family, it shall be Forward Ever. 

For the Redeemed Christian Church of God, it shall be Forward Ever.

For the Body of Christ, it shall be Forward Ever.

Please help me stretch forth your hands, everyone in the direction of the immediate family members here and let's ask God's hand to rest on them till the end of time.

Including our parents in the Lord...ask the Lord to cover them with His wings and build a wall of fire around everyone. 

Let's do that from the depths of our hearts. Church Gist. In Jesus precious name we have prayed. 

Heavenly Father, we thank You because of the assurance we have that You are ever in charge. 

We thank You for the Word we heard this morning. We thank You because the Church of God is moving forward. 

I ask now, like we have all joined to pray, let your good hand rest upon every single member of this family. 

Lord, build a wall of fire around this family. 

Lord, keep this family on the move till the end of time. 

Let there be no looking back from anyone in the name of Jesus. 

Holy Spirit, the comforter, now take over from this moment. 

Sweep over the spirit, the mind and the soul of every one member of this family in the name of Jesus Christ. 

Lord, we can count on You all the time. You are ever reliable, ever dependable, always there. 

This family is preserved, the young children are kept, the wife is kept and so it will be good news all the way. 

Thank You Heavenly Father. 

Take all the glory in Jesus precious name." Church Gist quoted him.

See photos below...  

Pastor Dare Adeboye passed away on Wednesday, last week in his home in Eket, Akwa Ibom  at the age of 42.

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