"Temper Justice With Mercy, Please Forgive Baba Ijesha" Actor Adewale Elesho Begs Princess. (Video)

"Temper Justice With Mercy, Please Forgive Baba Ijesha" Actor Adewale Elesho Begs Princess. (Video)

Princess, a comedian, has been publicly begged by Adewale Elesho, a veteran actor, to forgive Baba Ijesha, who was arrested in April for allegedly defiling her foster daughter.

In a video posted last month, Princess said that Baba Ijesha defiled her foster daughter when she was seven years old, and that the daughter told her about it seven years later. She enlisted the aid of some friends and had a surveillance camera mounted in her house, which captured the actor molesting the teen victim.

On Tuesday, May 18, a Magistrate who came to Panti to relieve the congestion in the police station granted Baba Ijesha bail. It's unclear whether he's followed his bail conditions.

In a video posted by Yomi Fabiyi, actor Elesho pleaded with Princess to forgive Baba Ijesha and temper justice with mercy, reminding her that they are all actors. He also pleaded with Lagos State Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu and the Lagos State Commissioner of Police.

''I am using this medium to plead with Princess to please temper justice with mercy because it is getting out of hand. She should please look at how she started with Baba Ijesha. She should not allow this fight to brew up something else.

Princess, please have mercy on Baba Ijesha. All of you that are fanning the fight, remember that you are artistes as well. It is today we know, we don't know tomorrow. 

I plead with the parents of the victim, whether it is true or it's not true, it is only God that knows what we don't know. They should take it easy.

I also appeal to the state Commissioner of Police in Lagos state to also handle the case very well. 

I also beg Governor Sanwo-Olu, we are all the same thing. Ijesha is an artiste, I am also an artiste. We are the ones that helped campaign for you and we stood by you. We are the ones in need of help now, have mercy on us. It is not easy to build a name in this field. Now look at how easy to soil a name. 

Princess I am begging you.' You can imagine if Baba Ijesha dies in prison. All of you that are threatening and wailing, what would you now say? Princess you are the one I plead with the most.'he said.

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