How Kwam 1 Manage To Sleep Well For The Past Three Months (Details)

How Kwam 1 Manage To Sleep Well For The Past Three Months (Details)

Kwam1 who is popularly known as the King of Fuji Music (Oluaye of Fuji) hardly sleeps for the past few months , this is because he gets invited to play for events everyday of the week.

He has to travel to different states and countries to perform, in this process there isn't reallly much time for rest.

Referring to City People's Report, he isn't cheap to book for events, he charges 4miliion Naira on a average basis. It seems Parties aren't complete if Kwam1 isn't performing.

He also commands huge amount of currency while he performs, Apart from the fee he charges, he goes away with huge sum of money that was sprayed by Big Personnels present in the Party or Event he performs.

Kwam1 granted an Interview to Sahara TV, where he revealed that, For a month he performs in not less than 15 shows. In his words 

“ I do a minimum of 15 shows a month. Sometimes we perform nonstop. People do all sorts of things, sometimes people call us and say we are doing a private in–house party and we want you to come and perform abroad. Can you give me the time and charges? “I have over 82 albums in the over 40 years of my music career”, 

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