"Dad, It Hurts Till Date Because I Never Had The Chance To Tell You I Love You" Bukunmi Oluwasina Remembers Her Late Father.

"Dad, It Hurts Till Date Because I Never Had The Chance To Tell You I Love You" Bukunmi Oluwasina Remembers Her Late Father.

Bukunmi Oluwashina, a Nollywood actress, has spoken about her father's death and how she is still saddened by the fact that she did not get to spend enough time with him.

Bukunmi Oluwashina took to Instagram to ask her fans and followers who they would call if God offered them the chance to speak with someone they had lost contact with.

The actress expressed her longing for her father, recalling how she couldn't keep their happy memories alive by having a photograph of them together, instead spending the most of her time creating poems and songs that he never read or listened to.

Bukunmi Oluwashina claimed she adores her father but has never told him since she didn't realize how much he loved him till he died.

The talented actress encouraged her fans and followers to make lovely moments with their loved ones, take photos, and make others happy.

She wrote: It still hurts, till date. Realizing the fact that I don’t have any picture of just you and I together. Even if it’s just a blurry selfie. But it was too late. I was always busy writing poems about you, poems I never gave you to read.

Writing songs I never had time to sing. Writing scripts you wouldn’t even wait to see. Always busy having a picture of Our lives together as a family, A life you wouldn’t even wait long enough to live.

You were that person I love most in this world. Funny how I never for once told you “I LOVE YOU” I never for once said those three words to you. Not in words. Nor in letters. Cos I never knew how much I loved you, till you left.

If I had a minute, maybe I would take a selfie now. Show you few lines in those poems, play you few scenes in one or my favorite movies, and maybe sing you a short verse in my songs. Would 1 minute even be enough?

A lot of things I wish to do with you. Do for you. Things I want to say to you. But all are wishes now. Wishes that will never come true. Keep resting Dad.

A QUICK REMINDER: Life may not be the kind of party we all hoped for, but we should at least dance while we are still here.., while the music is still on. You know why? Everything is a matter of time. Cos no party lasts forever. Create beautiful memories with people, Take pictures. Make people happy, not cry.

Let people remember you and smile, not frown. Create Time for the people you love. They hate you? Love them. They love you? Care for them. Feel comfortable with people being loved around you, not intimidated. God is love. And love is too big to be for just one person. Everybody can’t love you, Unless your name is money.

Forget the ones who don’t. Focus on the few ones who do. Lets all live. Let’s Love . Love Unconditionally, Care genuinely, Kiss slowly, Laugh uncontrollably, Think deeply, Forgive quickly… And never forget everything that made you smile. Cos This life is a Trap. And none of us is getting out of it Alive. CALL SOMEONE YOU LOVE TONIGHT. And tell them “I LOVE YOU” 

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