Meet The 7 Popular Nigerian Celebrities Who Were Once Street Hawkers Before They Rose To Stardom. (Photos)

Meet The 7 Popular Nigerian Celebrities Who Were Once Street Hawkers Before They Rose To Stardom. (Photos)

We will show you Nigerian celebs who were previously street hawkers in this article. Before they were famous, several of them were hawking on the street, and some of them have publicly said how it aided their life.

Street hawking or selling is popular in Nigeria and throughout Africa. Many people rely on street hawking to meet their daily requirements.

Some of our Nigerian superstars have now successfully exited the street hawking trade. The following Nigerian celebrities were previously street hawkers:

1. Mercy Johnson

Mercy Johnson, a well-known Nigerian actress, philanthropist, and politician, was born in Okene, Kogi state.

Prior to joining the Nollywood film industry, she used to hawk Sachet water to meet her daily requirements.

2. Don Jazzy

Don Jazzy, whose real name is Michael Collins Ajereh, is one of Nigeria's most prominent record producers.

Mavins Records label CEO was previously a street hawker. Don Jazzy took to the microblogging platform Twitter to say, "My brother, I dey sell Akara before o." The memory is still fresh in my head. “I sold Akamu, Agidi, Fried yam, and plantain.”

 3. Ibrahim Chatta

Ibrahim Chatta is a Nigerian Yoruba actor, writer, and producer who was born on October 13th, 1970 in Edo Local Government Area of Kwara state.

He is also one of the Nigerian superstars that used to be street hawkers, having acknowledged that he had a difficult childhood.

“I suffered so much while growing up but the truth is that past experiences helps in one way or another. I hawked Ice cream, doughnuts and even worked as a bus conductor. I don’t have any regrets,” Ibrahim said.

4. Biola Adebayo

Biola Adebayo, a bread seller turned PhD candidate, discussed her former experiences on social media.

She hawked various items on the street before joining the Nollywood film industry, lost four different admissions because she couldn't afford to pay, and even waited seven years to eventually be admitted to the University.

5. Sirbalo

Sirbalo, real name Timothy Obotuke, worked as a Gala and mineral hawker in Lagos between 2012 and 2013.

Sirbalo is currently a well-known comedian and a wealthy businessman in the entertainment world.

6. Model Olajumoke Orisaguna

Olajumoke Orisaguna, now a mod, used to sell bread on the streets of Lagos. She rose to prominence after inadvertently walking into a photoshoot with British rapper Tinie Temprah. Photographed by Nigerian photographer Ty Bello for Nigeria's This Day magazine.

She was so well-known that her tale was covered by CNN, BBC Africa, and other major news outlets.

7. Comedian Holy Mallam

In an exclusive interview with Vanguard newspaper in 2019, comedian Holy Mallam confessed that he used to hawk bread and pure water to make ends meet.

He stated that he sold his father's Festac home and relocated to Okoko. After he was unable to pay his school fees. He began hawking bread, and his classmates mocked him whenever they saw him on the streets.

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