Meet The Beautiful Igbo Born Actress Who Is A Successful Yoruba Movie Actress. (Photos)

Meet The Beautiful Igbo Born Actress Who Is A Successful Yoruba Movie Actress. (Photos)

Regina Chukwu is one of the few Igbo actors that have achieved success in the Yoruba movie industry. She has not only made a name for herself in the Yoruba film industry, but she has also managed to raise two children as a single mother after her husband died barely four years into their marriage.

Regina Chukwu is an Enugu native who was born and reared in Lagos, Nigeria. One of the reasons for her Yoruba language proficiency, which has helped her establish herself as a well-known Yoruba movie actress, is because of this.

Regina Chukwu acting career

Regina Chukwu rose to prominence after starring in Yoruba films. She has appeared in over 60 Yoruba films. Ebubu mi, Ile Afoju, Iji, Owonikoko, Ale, Eji owuro Akun, Ewatomi, Idaro, Awolu ati Awalu, Ogunso, and many others are among her popular Yoruba films.

Family Tie, Family Tussle, and Face to Face are some of the English soap operas in which she has appeared. She had a role in the film Super Story.

She also works as a film producer. Ebubu Mi, Ija Iya Meji, and Bridal Shower are some of the films she has produced.

Regina Chukwu’s Family

Being a single mother has never been easy for any woman. After losing her husband at a young age, Regina Chukwu has been able to raise her two wonderful children.

Chiamaka, her 20-year-old daughter, and Richard, her 18-year-old son, are her only children. 

Below are photos of Regina Chukwu and her two children:

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