See The 4 Well Yoruba Veterans Who Relocated To America And How They Have Transformed.

See The 4 Well Yoruba Veterans Who Relocated To America And How They Have Transformed.

The Yoruba film industry was blessed in the 1990s with exceptional talents who ruled the business, producing amazing and high-class films. While many of these veteran actors are still alive and well in Nigeria, some have chosen to seek greener pastures in another country.

In this essay, we will discuss four well-known Yoruba actors who acted in the 1990s but have since gone to America in search of brighter pastures.

1. Solomon Majekodunmi

Baba Kekere, or Solomon Majekodunmi, is a well-known Yoruba actor who appeared in some of the best films of the late 1990s. Toyin Majekodunmi, another veteran who died on January 2nd, 2017, was the veteran's wife.

The actor, his second wife, and their children reportedly left Nigeria's shores in 2017 and migrated to the United States of America, according to reports. The beautiful Nigerian actor and his family are doing well in the United States, where he has also acted in several films.

2. Bayo Bankole

Bayo Bankole, better known by his stage name Boy Alinco, was a well-known Yoruba actor during his time in the industry. Alinco has appeared in films such as Owo Blow, Eda, and the hit sitcom "Papa Ajasco."

Bayo Bankole, on the other hand, moved from Nigeria to America and has lived there for years. Bayo Bankole is leaving behind a wonderful life with his family and friends in America.

3. Wale Adebayo

Wale Adebayo, often known as Sango Original, is a prominent Yoruba veteran who was one of the performers who made the 1990s interesting with fantastic films. Wale Adebayo rose to prominence after starring as the lead in the Yoruba film "Sango."

Despite his stardom, Wale Adebayo left Nigeria for the United States. Wale Adebayo stated to Punch that he never wanted to leave Nigeria for the United States, but that the country's predicament forced him to leave to care for his family.

4. Rasaq Ajao

Rasaq Ajao, sometimes known as Pefuele, is a well-known Yoruba veteran who was a fixture on Nigerian television in the 1990s before relocating to the United States.

According to the research, Rasaq Ajao fled Nigeria in 2002 and has been bouncing back and forth between the two countries since then. 

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