Meet The 'Hot' 17 Years Old Nollywood Actress Obio Oluebube. (Photos)

Meet The 'Hot' 17 Years Old Nollywood Actress Obio Oluebube. (Photos)


Obio Oluebebe, a 17-year-old Nollywood actress, is from Ihiala village in Anambra State and belongs to the Igbo tribe.

She went to Anambra State's primary and secondary schools. On the other hand, Obio Oluebebe is yet to be accepted into a Nigerian university.

Obio Oluebebe is sometimes referred to as the female counterpart of Aki and Paw-Paw due to her height. Like Aki and Paw-Paw, Obio Oluebebe frequently appears in comedies.

In her brief career in the Nigerian film business, Obo Oluebebe has collaborated with a number of notable Nollywood actors, including Mercy Johnson, Harry B, Sam Obiago, Chiwetalu Agu, and others.

Oluebube's Nollywood career has progressed tremendously since then, and she is now a great sketch writer.

She has featured in several comedic sketches with well-known Nollywood actors such as Mc Collins and others, and her sketch "Aunty Put Me Down" was a smash.

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