"Your English Is As Wack As Your Mindset" Wumi Toriola Fights Dirty With A Troll Over BBN Ka3na

"Your English Is As Wack As Your Mindset" Wumi Toriola Fights Dirty With A Troll Over BBN Ka3na

Wumi Toriola, a Nollywood actress, has lambasted a troll who compared her to Ka3na, a former Big Brother Naija housemate.

In a Twitter post, Ka3na said that most Nollywood producers and actors had turned into brand influencers, which is why there are no new Nigerian films on Netflix.

Many of these Nollywood celebs have joined brand influencing, according to Ka3na, since past BBNaija housemates opened their eyes to the fact that it is a lucrative profession.

She went on to say that brand influencing is not a competition, and she challenged Nollywood producers and actors to develop good Christmas movies.

She wrote: "Most Nollywood movie producers/actors have become brand influencers. No latest Nigerian movies on Netflix. BBN housemates don open their eyes to influencing money. It’s not a competition. Y’all make us good holiday movies, please."

Wumi Toriola, writing on his Instagram blog in response to the statement, said that as much as he enjoys watching Big Brother Naija, it's terrible that certain female housemates think with their tongues.

Wumi Toriola questioned Ka3na on what it takes to develop and nurture a brand, particularly one with a long shelf life.

Wumi Toriola threw in her two cents. Ka3na is putting on a show and wishing to be a popular housemate.

Wumitoriola wrote: "As much as i like the BBN show, some of these girls just think from their mouth,do you know what it takes to build a brand and still maintain it?we are not talking about brand building whose life span is barely one year. In your mind,you are a famous house mate ????" 

In response to the comment, a troll told Wunmi Toriola that Ka3na is popular and well-known outside of Africa, unlike her, and that she should go make a good film.

Wunmi Toriola retaliated by blasting the troll, claiming that he couldn't be successful in simple things like having a real Instagram account and that her English, like her attitude, is messed up.

okie.rete wrote: @wumitoriola But shes famous the whole of Africa n beyond knw her…go and act feem dear …good feem o! cos u r only proving Her right!

wumitoriola wrote: @okie.rete you couldnt even be successful in little things like having a real account and your English is as wack as your mindset.

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