I Tried To scratch My Tribal Marks Off Using Sandpaper

I Tried To scratch My Tribal Marks Off Using Sandpaper

 The tribal markings on Afeez Abiodun, also known as Afeez Owo, are a distinguishing characteristic of the prominent Nollywood actor. While some may say that he would have been more attractive without them, the actor disagrees, telling reporters that he had to face reality and embrace the features that his parents carved into his face.

He revealed that as a child, he despised the markings and went to great lengths to remove them with sandpaper, but to no effect, simply because he was constantly teased by bus conductors.

Owo went on to say that he would never let someone put such scars on his children's faces.

"I'm quite comfortable with my tribal marks right now, and removing them would make me feel naked or exposed, and my followers wouldn't know me." When I was growing up in Surulere, people teased me a lot because of my tribal marks. They were harsh with me, but I was unaffected; my tribal mark today acts as my brand. People used to tease me so much that I would try to scratch them off with sandpaper, especially when bus conductors would attack me for it.

They used to mock me and call me all kinds of names, but I thank God for who I am today. I'm also glad I didn't get rid of the tribal patterns. No insult can be thrown at me because of my tribal marks that would hurt my feelings. "As much as I like my tribal marks, I will never allow tribal marks to be given to my children," he said.

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