"My father is a champion," said Toyin Abraham, Husband 's daughter after buying a multi-million Naira Car.

"My father is a champion," said Toyin Abraham, Husband 's daughter after buying a multi-million Naira Car.

 Temitope Ajeyemi, the teen daughter of actor Kolawole Ajeyemi and stepdaughter of Toyin Abraham, has boasted about her father following his recent purchase of a multimillion-dollar car, despite criticism that he is financially reliant on his wife.

Toyin Abraham verified the rumors of her husband Kolawole Ajeyemi buying a multi-million Naira automobile for himself as a birthday gift by posing with the new whip.

Let me show off, Toyin Abraham wrote. congratulations @kolawoleajeyemi Baba mi

As predicted, several trolls spoke up and mocked Kolawole Ajeyemi for being looked after by his wife.
Popular actress Toyin Abraham, in a lengthy post on her Instagram page, 
In a swift reaction, Toyin Abraham in a lengthy post on her Instagram page, said people need to stop the mentality that famous people are the richest in their family, adding that people should stop ridiculing his husband’s work as everything he owns is due to his hard work and sweat.
"Just because some individuals don't want to honk their own horns doesn't indicate they're inferior or incompetent." I'm speaking up because I won't allow others put down my husband, who is a dedicated worker who goes above and beyond for me and the kids. Don't make fun of his efforts or what he stands for.

He earned what he has through his own labor, and he is deserving of it. I'm the last child in my family, and you'd think I'm the wealthiest just because I'm famous, but that's not the case.

Please, it is 2022; we must do better and put an end to this ill-mannered thinking. People should be honored rather than pitted against one another, their hard effort mocked, or credit given to someone else. It's so ancient that it has to come to an end." Toyin broke up his writing into sections.

Temitope Ajeyemi uploaded a photo of herself on the new whip with the message "I've known from the start that you are a champion dad, congrats gentleman." More in the name of Jesus. Amen.
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