Laide Bakare Warns Her Colleagues To Avoid Her

Laide Bakare Warns Her Colleagues To Avoid Her

 Laide Bakare, the current woman of the moment, has turned to Instagram to give a stern warning to her colleagues in the film business, alleging that they are writing ugly remarks about her on blogs.

After revealing that her 13-year-old daughter gifted her brother, Dammy, a Mercedes Benz for his 9th birthday, the actress ignited controversy and is presently number one on the Twitter trending chart.

While many of her fans praised her on her sudden good fortune, especially because she acquired three luxury automobiles in less than a month, others questioned why the 13-year-old handed her brother a car.

Following the revelation, Laide issued a public warning to her colleagues, whom she claims are also making unpleasant remarks about her on blogs, to keep a safe distance from her when they encounter her in person.

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