Two Masquerades Were Arrested In Enugu For Slaughtering A Man

Two Masquerades Were Arrested In Enugu For Slaughtering A Man

Mr. Hyginus Ezeja an indigene of Umuopu was slaughtered by the suspects from Ette, a community that borders Enugu and Kogi states on the 31st of August,2022.

    The suspects were arrested by the community watch and handed to the police for further investigations, according to Facebook user Philieramps Ekele who confirmed the development on Friday 2nd September 2022.

    It was also stated by another user Samuel Ejo Bamaiyi as he said "Also confirming the incident, another user Samuel Ejo Bamaiyi, said; "It's no longer a rumour that Masquerade killed an Igbo man in the the boarder community of Kogi and Enugu state (Ogrugu) on Thursday the 31st of August 2022. This has also lead the people of one Ogrugu to flew for safety as a result of a counterattack by their Igbo neighbors,"

  My question is that who is in charge of masquerade in Ette?. Who are those regulating masquerades in the community? Beside is the masquerade from Ette or Umopu umeze? Why did the people at the scene allow the masquerade to escape without handing him to the appropriate authorities? I believe that there is more to this, than the information that we are getting." 

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