"Oluwo Of Iwo Laments Naira Scarcity: Can't Access N20,000 Cash"

"Oluwo Of Iwo Laments Naira Scarcity: Can't Access N20,000 Cash"

The Oluwo of Iwo, Oba Abdurosheed Akanbi, has spoken out about the impact of the ongoing issue of Naira scarcity in Nigeria. Speaking at a Valentine's Day event organized for the less privileged at his palace, the monarch expressed his frustration with the new Naira policy and how it has caused hardship for many Nigerians. He emphasized that he is currently unable to access N20,000 in cash due to the policy, making it difficult for him to meet his financial obligations.

The Oluwo also criticized the banks for holding onto people's money without paying interest, which he described as unfair. According to him, the policy is inhumane and needs to be reformed. He further expressed concern that the situation has made it challenging for parents to provide for their children's education and that this is not the Nigeria that people want.

Oluwo's comments highlight the challenges faced by many Nigerians as a result of Naira scarcity, with limited access to cash and difficulties in carrying out financial transactions. His call for a change in approach is indicative of the need for a comprehensive solution that addresses the root causes of the issue. The Oluwo's comments reflect the frustrations felt by many Nigerians, and it remains to be seen what steps will be taken to address the ongoing challenge of Naira scarcity in the country.

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