Praises Pour In For Biodun Okeowo's Daughter On Her 19th Birthday (Video)

Praises Pour In For Biodun Okeowo's Daughter On Her 19th Birthday (Video)

Biodun Okeowo, the popular Yoruba actress, shared a video on her Instagram account featuring her daughter, Ifeoluwa, on her 19th birthday. In the video, Ifeoluwa's friends praised her for her positive attributes and how she had impacted their lives. They shared how she is caring, loving, and always there for her friends. However, one of her male friends noted that Ifeoluwa has a quick temper, which her mother concurred with.

Despite this, people flooded the comment section with praises for Ifeoluwa, especially for her love for God. They appreciated her for being a young lady with great potential and recognized that no one is perfect. One Omolola Ajen expressed her admiration for Ifeoluwa's mother, saying that she was smiling like a fool and praying to God to help her train her own children in a godly way. Ummuh Abdullahi, on the other hand, praised Ifeoluwa's dressing style and wished her a long life of fulfilling her glorious destiny.

In another video that Biodun Okeowo shared on her Instagram account, Ifeoluwa was seen unboxing her birthday presents, and at the end of the video, she knelt down to appreciate her mother for her love. This video also attracted praise and accolades from colleagues and fans who commended Biodun Okeowo for raising a respectful daughter.

Overall, Ifeoluwa Okeowo's 19th birthday celebration was filled with love, praise, and admiration from her friends, family, and fans.



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