"He Works With People Who He Knows Are Intelligent” Bimbo Akintola Exposes Explosive Reasons Behind Her Support For Tinubu

"He Works With People Who He Knows Are Intelligent” Bimbo Akintola Exposes Explosive Reasons Behind Her Support For Tinubu

Bimbo Akintola, a Nigerian actress, has spoken out about why she supported Bola Ahmed Tinubu during the 2023 general election in Nigeria. Akintola explained that she has high hopes for the incoming administration of Tinubu and believes that the movie industry will benefit greatly under his leadership.

Akintola stated that the Lagos State government has already given grants to actors and producers, which shows a commitment to the arts. She was also part of Tinubu's Presidential Campaign Committee, and she appreciated how he involved actors and musicians in the committee. She mentioned that Tinubu's wife is also a huge fan of the arts, and even shared her admiration for the actors' performances during their meetings.

In addition, Akintola believes that Tinubu's track record shows he is capable of getting things done. She believes that he has a think tank of intelligent and intellectual performers around him, and he never works alone. Akintola expressed her confidence that Tinubu's administration will be different, and many things will change in the movie industry.

Regarding the criticism that the movie industry reflects vices in society, Akintola defended it, stating that the industry only reflects what is happening in society, rather than creating it. She argued that parents should take more responsibility for raising their children, and the movie industry is not the root cause of societal problems. She shared her experience of growing up with a mother who closed her shop at the same time as their school and spent time with her children. She acknowledged that it is now more challenging for parents to do the same due to existing realities, such as the need for both parents to work to maintain a certain level of affluence.

In summary, Akintola's support for Tinubu is based on her belief that he has a proven track record of working with intelligent performers and is committed to the arts. She is optimistic that Tinubu's administration will bring positive changes to the movie industry. She also defended the movie industry, arguing that it only reflects societal problems and is not the cause of them.


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