Actor Odunlade Adekola's Mother Breaks Down In Tears At 70th Birthday Celebration

Actor Odunlade Adekola's Mother Breaks Down In Tears At 70th Birthday Celebration

The 70th birthday celebration of Deaconess Felicia Akoke Adekola, the mother of Nollywood actor Odunlade Adekola, was marked by tears of joy and heartfelt emotions over the weekend. On May 23rd, 2023, family and friends gathered to honor her, with a Thanksgiving service held on Sunday, May 21st.

Videos shared on Odunlade's Instagram page captured the touching moment when his mother, Deaconess Felicia, delivered her speech and couldn't hold back her tears. The actor himself expressed his own emotional state during the event, remarking on how moved he was by his mother's emotions. He affectionately described her as a strong and resilient woman, invoking divine protection and blessings upon her.

In another Instagram caption, Odunlade expressed gratitude for the outpouring of well-wishes received during the church program dedicated to his mother's 70th birthday celebration. He referred to her as "Mummy" and "Super Grandma," conveying his love and appreciation for her.

The milestone birthday celebration not only honored Deaconess Felicia Akoke Adekola's seven decades of life but also served as a reminder of the special bond between a mother and her renowned actor son. The heartfelt moments shared by the family resonate with the public, showcasing the importance of cherishing and celebrating loved ones.

As the festivities continue, warm wishes and congratulations pour in from fans and well-wishers, extending their love and admiration to Deaconess Felicia Akoke Adekola on reaching this significant milestone.

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