Zeb Ejiro Reveals Impact of Saint Obi's Marriage Collapse on the Late Actor's Life

Zeb Ejiro Reveals Impact of Saint Obi's Marriage Collapse on the Late Actor's Life

Zeb Ejiro Reveals Saint Obi's Struggles After Marriage Collapse

Prolific filmmaker Zeb Ejiro recently opened up about the impact of late veteran actor Obinna Nwafor, popularly known as Saint Obi's, failed marriage, stating that it greatly affected him and contributed to his ultimate demise. Ejiro disclosed in an interview with Vanguard that Obi never recovered from the shock of living apart from his family.

According to Ejiro, Obi had confided in him multiple times about the crumbling state of his marriage, which deeply affected him. The actor was known to be a devoted family man who cherished being with his children and building a happy home. The collapse of his marriage took a toll on his emotional well-being, leading to prolonged sadness until his passing.

Ejiro further shared that he received a phone call from Saint Obi two weeks before his death, during which Obi revealed his prolonged illness and hospitalization. The actor had undergone multiple surgeries, but unfortunately, his condition did not improve. Plans were made to move him to Jos for better medical care. Sadly, that was the last conversation they had, as news of Obi's demise reached Ejiro before they could reconnect.

Recently, movie producer Zik Zulu Okafor also shed light on Saint Obi's marital challenges in an article, explaining how the actor's marriage caused a rift between him and his friends and impacted his acting career. Okafor, a former President of the Association of Movie Producers of Nigeria, revealed that Saint Obi's wife held a high-ranking position in a telecommunications company, and her siblings viewed the actor as a "gold digger." Allegedly, Saint Obi faced constant harassment from his wife's relatives, leading to the eventual breakdown of their marriage. Okafor added that the actor's health deteriorated in the middle of last year, culminating in his untimely passing.

Saint Obi, an iconic actor admired for his talent, sadly passed away at the age of 57 on Monday, May 7, after battling an undisclosed ailment that necessitated several hospital visits. His contributions to the Nigerian film industry will always be remembered.

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