“Is It Not Obvious You Are Nothing Without Me” Actress Slams Ex-boyfriend Falegan Opeyemi

“Is It Not Obvious You Are Nothing Without Me” Actress Slams Ex-boyfriend Falegan Opeyemi

Nollywood actress Nkechi Blessing Sunday has publicly shamed her ex-boyfriend, Falegan Opeyemi, after he declared that they cannot remain friends. In a recent video, Falegan revealed that their past relationship was behind them as they had both moved on.

The philanthropist advised their supporters to let go of the past, emphasizing that they had ended their relationship over a year ago and were now involved with new partners. Falegan also expressed concern that maintaining a friendship with Nkechi could be detrimental to her current relationship.

In response, Nkechi Blessing didn't hold back as she slammed Falegan Opeyemi, accusing him of speaking like a woman. She boldly asserted that he was nothing without her, implying that his identity and relevance were tied to their previous association.

In her scathing words, Nkechi warned Falegan not to dare cross her, emphasizing her strong presence and influence. She criticized his attempts to regain followers by using her name, asserting that he would have to pay for advertising on blogs to generate comments. Nkechi expressed her frustration, urging him to leave her alone and stop mentioning her name in a derogatory manner.

Further, Nkechi recalled how other male acquaintances distanced themselves from Falegan, highlighting his negative behavior. She emphasized his status as a grown man, ridiculing him and expressing her disappointment.

The public confrontation between Nkechi Blessing and her ex-boyfriend has captured attention, shedding light on their strained relationship and showcasing Nkechi's fierce response to his remarks. As the verbal exchange unfolds, fans and onlookers eagerly anticipate any further developments in this ongoing saga.

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