“Iyawo Ika Of Africa” Music Star Portable Sends Heartwarming Birthday Message To Manager

“Iyawo Ika Of Africa” Music Star Portable Sends Heartwarming Birthday Message To Manager

Controversial music star, Habeeb Okikiola, popularly known as Portable, has caused a stir with his heartfelt birthday message dedicated to his manager, Stella Liza. Taking to his Instagram page, the singer expressed his admiration for Liza, referring to her as his wife, specifically as "Iyawo IKA of Africa."

In his tribute, Portable commended his manager for her unwavering dedication and strength, acknowledging her hard work. He further expressed his love for Liza and extended his prayers for her well-being on her special day.

The birthday message from Portable has garnered mixed reactions among fans and followers. Some expressed their admiration for the artist's display of affection and appreciation for his manager, while others found the term "Iyawo IKA of Africa" intriguing and sought further clarification.

Portable's public declaration of admiration and gratitude towards his manager highlights the significance of their working relationship. It also sheds light on the strong bond and mutual respect they share, as he openly acknowledges her contributions to his career.

As fans and well-wishers joined in celebrating Liza's birthday, the attention drawn to the singer's message has further elevated the intrigue surrounding the dynamic between Portable and his manager. The public's curiosity remains piqued as they await further developments and insights into their professional and personal connection.

Amidst the reactions, it is evident that Portable's birthday tribute to his manager has sparked discussions and increased curiosity about their relationship, leaving fans and followers eager to witness the next chapter of their journey together.

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